Retaining Walls

When you want a well-built retaining wall constructed in your yard or on your commercial property, look no further than CoMo Landscaping Pros. Our staff knows what you need. We offer expert advice backed by years of experience. We know the best materials to use to construct a retaining wall that is best suited for your home or business. Select from a wide choice of materials to use such as wood, concrete block, metal, natural stone, brick, or vinyl products. We are familiar with all types and styles of retaining walls. We design unique retaining walls that are creatively designed, beautiful and functional. Contact us today for an estimate and ask about our warranty and quality guarantee. We mean what we say. We are all action and back up our claim to build the best retaining wall for your money. You need a retaining wall that is durable and attractive. The last thing you need is a poorly built retaining wall. Let CoMo Landscaping Pros show you how a retaining wall increases your property value.

Each type of retaining wall has its advantages and disadvantages. The four common types of retaining walls are: gravity, cantilever, counterfort, and buttressed. If you want a low retaining wall, then, the gravity type is best suited for your need. Less than four feet tall, the gravity retaining wall relies upon its own weight to retain the earth. Another common type of retaining wall is the cantilever retaining wall. This type of wall is thick at the base and tied to a stable footing. Considered to be an engineered wall, using steel reinforcement, it holds back a lot of earth. For an engineered cantilever retaining wall, consult with and hire CoMo Landscaping Pros to correctly construct your new cantilever retaining wall. To build a perfect cantilever wall, rely upon CoMo Landscaping Pros. Similar to the cantilever, the counterfort retaining wall is another type of engineered wall and needs an expert to build it. The counterfort wall has an added feature of using a triangular shape and the top of the wall is linked, with reinforcing steel, to the back of the base or footer. Like the cantilever and counterfort retaining walls, the buttressed wall, is another type of engineered retaining wall. These types of walls require a skilled engineer to properly construct them. A buttressed wall has visible supports. Built correctly, this type of strong wall lasts for years. The buttressed wall, an engineering marvel, was commonly used in Europe as supports of great cathedrals with heavy load bearing walls. Give proper attention to the drainage behind the wall. 

For proper drainage, all retaining walls should be backfilled with quick draining coarse gravel material. Extremely heavy, water must be able to efficiently drain from the back of the retaining wall. Improperly constructed retaining walls, fail under the weight of the soil and water which defeats the purpose of the wall. The goal of CoMo Landscaping Pros is to use our skill and knowledge to build the best wall that suits your need. Let us do the work so that you achieve your goal of having a beautiful yard with a retaining wall that is both curb-appealing, strong, and functional.

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