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Your yard and home go hand-in-hand and both should compliment your style. You want your yard to be a beautiful oasis and a showplace. Your home and its surrounding terrain should be functional and a bright spot in your neighborhood for all to admire. We know that you want your home and yard to be the house that people love to drive by on their daily commute. It brightens their day and brings them pleasure to look at the manicured lawn, flowering shrubbery, and nicely shaped trees. We all have a favorite house that we love to see and wish we had one just like it. Well, you’re going to need a good landscaping company.

  At CoMo Landscaping Pros, we know that creating beautiful landscaping takes knowledge, expertise, and hard work. CoMo Landscaping Pros offers multiple landscaping services such as retaining walls, drainage solutions, creative concrete flat work suitable for patios, driveways, and walkways. We offer dependable and competitive rates for our commercial snow removal service. We are prepared to offer you our best designs and friendly dependable customer service. Let us work with you to make your home or business all that you desire. We will work with you to make your landscaping dreams come true.

Landscape Experts

Landscaping should be beautiful and functional. We have many designs that we use to build sturdy retaining walls that beautify and protect the soil in your yard. We have solutions for drainage problems that thwart your efforts at achieving a curb-appealing landscape design. We have the design experts who can work with you to guide your decision-making process and protect your investment. Hiring CoMo Landscaping Pros to help you to design and plan a beautiful yard to enhance your home is a wise decision. Our landscaping company has the skills accompanied by trained friendly staff who know how to assess your yard and drainage situation so that we can properly guide you in your efforts to create a beautiful relaxing haven to surround your home.

Concrete Flatwork

CoMo Landscaping Pros has years of experience installing patios, driveways, walkways, and all types of projects that use concrete flatwork. We know how to install the concrete so that it is beautiful and useful and lasts for many years. Concrete flatwork requires a trained expert to properly install the concrete to avoid cracking, scaling, chipping, and other pitfalls caused by improper installation, harsh weather, heavy equipment, and improper curing. There are many problems that cause concrete flatwork to fail due to improper installation. Always rely upon the highly trained concrete technicians at CoMo Landscaping Pros to do their best to ensure that your concrete flatwork is installed as failproof as possible. We have gained a solid reputation for being the best at working with concrete for patios, walkways, driveways, sidewalk systems that improve your residential and commercial property. We can give your yard the makeover it needs by installing a beautiful entranceway to your home or business. Let us remove the damaged sidewalk or driveway and give your home a great new look.

We Now Offer Snow Removal

For all of your commercial snow removal needs, CoMo Landscaping Pros is ready to brave the cold and clear your lots and sidewalks.  Don’t risk the potential disasters involved with having slippery parking lots and walkways.  Let us set up your regularly scheduled snow removal this winter

commercial snow removal service in Columbia, MO

Retaining Wall Installation

An improperly built retaining wall will not last and fail from wind, water, erosion, insects and rodents that burrow into it damaging the structure. Retaining walls are commonly constructed of concrete, stone, wood, railroad ties, masonry products, vinyl, metal, and brick. If your current retaining wall is leaning and failing, let CoMo Landscaping Pros review the structure. Failing retaining walls lean, crack, crumble, buckle, and separate from adjoining walls. Reviewing your crumbling retaining wall, is the opportunity to assess and plan for a new design that better suits your needs and purpose of constructing a better and stronger wall. If we are able to restore the wall to its original condition, we will do everything possible to make it happen. However, if the wall is beyond repair, let us build you and new wall that will last for many years.

A sloping hill leaning toward a structure poses a danger of eroding and overpowering your home or commercial building. Heavy rainstorms with damaging water runoff cause the surrounding terrain to weaken which leads to soil erosion. A well-constructed retaining wall serves as a barrier the protects your home from damage. Retaining walls should be built as functional tiers that protect and beautify your residence and commercial property. Add a pleasant looking strong retaining wall to your property and it increases the value of it. The protection and value added to your property will be returned over several years by keeping your home or business safe from harm.

Customer Satisfaction #1

Our unsurpassed level of outstanding customer service keeps customers returning to us season after season. Satisfied customers know that CoMo Landscaping Pros makes every effort to meet your need for trustworthy assistance that you count upon to provide the best service in the region. We guarantee our work by pledging to complete every landscaping project with an acceptable timeframe and within budget. We know that you count on us to give you a high-quality job for your money. We deliver on our promise. Our reputation precedes us. We never let you down. We accept every job as a challenge and strive to seek your approval and satisfaction.  We want to be your favorite landscaping company in Columbia.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Columbia Landcaping Pros

Our work ethic and outstanding dedication to serving our residential and commercial customers keeps them returning year after year.

With a highly skilled and knowledgeable staff, we provide expert care and friendly customer service.

Our trained licensed, bonded, and insured landscaping teams are eager to assist you to build the landscaping design that you desire.

For many years, we have served the region with quality work. Our company is reputable and dependable.

Quality landscaping workmanship is backed by our guarantee to do the best job for you.

Quick professional service accompanied by a hassle free estimate makes satisfied customers. Our repeat business is what makes us the best landscaping service in the area.